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SeaView Announces Multi-Battery Manager for Combining Multiple BlueROV2 Batteries


SeaView Systems MBM-150 Multi-Battery Manager enables two or more Lithium-ion batteries (BATTERY-LI-4S-18AH-R3-RP) to be safely combined to extend BlueROV2 operational time. This can be used with hybrid and multi-battery systems. Power is drawn from the source with the largest voltage until both/all batteries equalize. A recent post described a successful application using seven MBM-150s to complete a 5.5 hour inspection. Available directly from SeaView Systems or amazon.

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We finished another field test and couldn’t be happier with our MBM-150. It was used to successfully complete an 800m tunnel inspection (with sonar) a few weeks ago. The Multi Battery Manager enabled dual batteries and a custom telemetry system using a 1km Fathom Slim Tether managed to get both HD video and scanning sonar data.

you used 1km fathom slim? Nice, what sort of data rate were you getting?
edit: just reread, you used a custom telemetry system, keen to hear more if you can share.


It was a modified VDSL2 modem with additional noise filtering and low noise power supply. If I recall, our datarate was around 8Mbps with 1km of tether.