Seatrac USBL Blueprint Subsea


I am thinking about buying a Seatrac Pinpoint USBL system from Blueprint Subsea for my Bluerov2. Is it difficult to get the coordinates into the overlay in QGC? That you get the langtitude/longtitude numbers on the same picture as the ROV camera?



We’re also thinking of getting a Seatrac- just wondering if anyone else has had good/bad experiences integrating it with BR/QGC? Cheers!

@AndyM and @Jhans We are using several of the Seatrac units and I do like them. I can’t answer the QGC question but I do have them integrated with Qinsy QPS and like it a lot. I have started using a DVL to augment the USBL in some conditions where any USBL will struggle like thermoclines, haloclines, highly magnetic rock, etc. Qinsy handles the dual positioning systems well so I went that route.

Ben, that’s super useful, thank you so much! And excellent recommendation for Qinsy.

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