RPM vs signal on T200


I have conducted some test on the T200 thruster, but i need to find the RPM for a few sigals. I dont need every RPM for every singal width.
If i asume a linear funksjon from 0 rpm at signal1500 to 3800 at signal1900, will this be very wrong?
Mainly i need the RPM’s for signal 1600. 1700, 1800 and 1900.

I understand that the RPM might not be constant, depending on thruster velocity. I just need some approximate values.


Did you find anything on it? I’m having the same problem.
@adam @jwalser do you guys know?

Did not fint anything. But by assuming a constant relation the numbers matched up pretty good.

Hi @VantTec,

Unfortunately we are unable to currently easily measure the RPM of our thrusters while in operation is underwater. However @martihta is correct, there should be a roughly linear relationship between RPM and throttle level from zero the to maximum (~3800RPM @16V).