A request for more info T100 & T200

Hi Rusty,

Would it be possible to post a few more charts in the docs? A chart showing Thrust vs. Current/Power for the T200 (at 12v and 16v) and also the same chart with data from both the T100 and T200 overlayed on the same chart? (Similar to the attached chart) This would make it easier to decide which thruster would be best used for a specific desired thrust and/or amp draw. Thanks!


Of course. We can do that. I’ll get back to you when it’s ready.



The T200 Power vs. Thrust chart has been added and there is now a T100/T200 comparison chart on the T200 page under “details”. You can find it here: T200 Thruster Documentation.

Note that the amp draw is not shown because different voltages would require two separate plots. You can find the amp draw by dividing the power by the voltage (12V or 16V).

You’ll see that the T200 is more efficient in the range of the T100. That’s because the T200 propeller is turning more slowly and running more “relaxed” at these thrust outputs.

Hope this helps.


Awesome Rusty. Might need to check the links to the new charts as I’m seeing 404 errors.

Whoops, looks like I hadn’t made the plots public. I was logged in to Plotly so I could still see them fine. Should be fixed!

Fixed, awesome, thanks!