T100 pwm vs thrust charts needed

Anyone happen to have the graph of pwm vs thrust for the t100, or know where I could find it?

This one (but for the t100 obviously):

We’re trying to make an x drive with 4 t100s, but we need a way to get equal force forward and backward (eg, the relationship between pwm and thrust).

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Hi @DoodleMcGee, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The T100s are from several years ago, before we had the kind of testing capabilities we have now, and well before I started at Blue Robotics. Accordingly the testing data we have on them is quite limited.

The best I could find is these performance charts from the initial kickstarter, which were tested at a constant 12 V in a static test tank, with a 20A ESC running SimonK’s tgy firmware (so may not be identical to performance you achieve with a different ESC, running a different firmware). I’m not sure if we have the data those charts were generated from, so you may need to extract the data you’re after using something like WebPlotDigitizer.

As an example I’ve run automated extraction on the throttle vs thrust chart image, and changed the throttle from % to a PWM value, with thrust changed to the absolute value in kg f. Note that the data will have some amount of error from the measurement process, but also that additional error will be introduced in the extraction process (you’ll see that the thrust at 1500us pulse-duration is not zero, for example).
t100-thrust-extracted.csv (3.9 KB)


Woah! Did not expect such a detailed or quick response, thank you so much!

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Following up on this,

This is the T100 Thrust vs PWM plot.

The raw data for that plot (but with absolute thrust) can be downloaded from here:
T100-PWM-Thrust-raw.csv (1.3 KB)

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Thanks for starting this thread, and of course thanks to the great support by BR staff - we needed these charts/data today to program a specific ROV movement using a combination of T100s and T200s.

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Glad we can help!

Given the apparently utility of these plots, I’ve added a link to this thread in the Thrusters section of the (WIP) Technical Reference :slight_smile:

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