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T200 PWM to RPM conversion

(Katharine) #1

How would I be able to determine the relationship between the PWM and RPM? It looks to be exponential if I graph it. Would that be the best way to determine the RPM at say 1300 PWM?


Flow rate/s for T200?
(Patrick José Pereira) #2


Yes, but you can use some fitting to find the 3rd order equation for the best approximation:

Note: X is the PWM and the result is RPM

You can find the code used to create this equation here.

(Katharine) #3

That’s perfect! Thank you!

(Joshua) #4

Hi @adam,

I see that this equation is for operating the thruster at 16V, is there also an equation available for PWM to RPM when using 12V?


(Jacob) #5

@Josh_Huysamen You can edit the code to generate the equation yourself! Click ‘open in playground’ in the upper left, and change occurances of ‘16V’ to ‘12V’, then run the code again. I’ve made a link to the edited playgound after doing the same here.

The resulting equation is: