Rpi 4 model for Navigator

Hi there, which version of rpi4 is the best for the navigator? I found a cheap versión of rpi4 and a expensive one rpi4 b, which one is better and why??

Hi @Mauro,

We sell the 2GB RAM variant of the Raspberry Pi 4B as an optional add-on with our Navigator Flight Controller, and that’s what’s currently used in our vehicles as it’s expected to be sufficient for most use-cases.

That said, the other RPi 4B variants have more RAM (there are 4GB and 8GB options), so may have better performance during updates and/or if you’re running RAM-heavy BlueOS extensions on your vehicle.

In general the extra RAM variants will cost more, but you’ll need to see which variants are being sold to determine which is the most appropriate / best deal. There has been a Raspberry Pi shortage that has only recently started abating, so some sources may have prices that have been inflated by the shortage, which means there may be some 2GB ones selling for more than 4GB or 8GB ones from a different source.

Thank you very much for your answer, it was really helpful.

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