Raspberry Pi 4 availability?

Does anyone have a source for the Raspberry Pi 4 ? BR is out and they don’t have an arrival date. I have looked at all the typical distribution, Mouser, Digikey, pi shop etc and nothing. I have seen them on ebay for a 400% markup, but I don’t want one quite that badly. Trying to upgrade to Navigator on BR2 heavy. Thanks

I’ve had great luck with CanaKit:
Buy CanaKit Raspberry Pi Kits and Raspberry Pi Boards and Accessories

All sold out too, and of course they want to sell you a bunch of stuff you don’t need along with the Pi. Thanks for checking.

Hi @RV_Zephyr,

I’ve asked about this, and was told that we’re currently reserving our remaining stock to ensure we can at least continue making vehicles. We’re unfortunately still waiting on news from our own suppliers as to when we can expect additional stock to arrive.

As a consumer, rpilocator is perhaps your best bet for finding some stock somewhere, but levels are currently scarce everywhere.

Hopefully the Raspberry Pi company’s supply update is correct that stock levels will end up un-limited in the second half of this year.

Thanks for the link Eliot, I will keep an eye on it. Would prefer to buy from BR along with the navigator.