ROV In Miami, Florida

Miami might be the boating capital of the US, but where’s the ROVs?
Except for a guy some years back with a broken Bluerov, I’ve never heard of any here.

I have a 26’ boat that could easily take a blue or other ROV.

Given the growing popularity of marine robotics I’d be surprised if there aren’t at least a few swimming around, but either way, nobody’s saying you can’t lead the charge in your area! :slight_smile:

That might be true of the people around you too - you can’t make use of a tool if you don’t know that it exists!

Perhaps you could get some boat buddies interested in remote hull inspections, or bring a robot friend along to a scuba dive, or chat with some reef or ocean scientists about what they’re studying? :slight_smile:



I am in Miami and have a BLUE ROV2, contact me via email at