Looking for used ROV (Any condition! Yes! absoultely)

Hello All!

Yes, Before all the jokes start! :smile:

Since itโ€™s winter around here still, I am preparing to get a ROV system for the summer at our cottage, I thought I would test the waters! (pun intended :smile: ) To see If there is anybody here that would have a ROV system would they are ready to unload.
OF course I will pay fair market price for the ROV. Again, Any condition.

I am proficient in Electronics, CAD/CAM design and Linux OS systems, as well as Radio communications, software programming and a general all around tinkerer. With this I am looking forward to get into the underwater ROV world.

I have done some online searches around my location and the used systems are very very hard to come by, let alone that are from Blue Robotics.

You can reach me here! or my e-mail address:

Text me here: 613-899-4146

Thanks for Reading!
Mike Kennedy

Hey Mike, I was wondering if you have found yourself an ROV yet?
Are you located close to Toronto Canada?