Rotating The Stream Video View 90 Degrees


I’m using a camera which’s lens is not centered on it. I’m thinking of rotating my camera 90 degrees and adjusting it as it’s rotated. Therefore, I need to rotate the stream video view as well. Are there any special adjustment for it on QGroundControl?

Thanks in advance

Hi @ArdaKaratepe, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I don’t believe there are any built in options to rotate the camera image, in either the camera settings or in QGroundControl.

If it’s important functionality for you you can either implement it yourself (QGroundControl is open source, so you can freely modify the code if you want to), or you can raise an issue for it and if a developer or company decides that it’s a sufficiently interesting or important feature they may do the necessary development (but there are no guarantees of timeline, or that it will be taken on at all).

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