RF Transmission for Controlling the T200 Thruster

Hello ladies and gents, I am back from Senior Design after the first semester of our design. My team and I have decided to, instead of using Arduino and any other microcontroller to navigate the vehicle, utilize RF Transmissions for controlling one T200 motor. We will be using the 1100 - 1900 us, can be reached with any transmitter. If anyone has done any similar work please let me know, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Cheers, Ben

A 2.4ghz transmitter won’t penetrate more than 2-3 inches of water at most. The water completely absorbs the radiated signal.


Surely, he knows that and is referring to a surface vehicle.

Of course. The RF receiver will be stationed out of the water. My senior project is a dual-camera system that will record a swimmer from two perspectives, above and below the surface of the water. The T200 will be providing the thrust as the vehicle is guided on the pool ledge by guide wheels.

We are currently set on using a 8-10 bit 2.4 Ghz radio transmitter and receiver to communicate to the ESC’s PWM range of 1110-1900 microsecond range.

Ben, why not just use a radio controlled model airplane or helicopter setup? It’s ready to go.


I was able to get about five feet underwater using an FM encoded Hitec 75 MHz R/C setup. If you can locate an old 27 MHz R/C setup you can go even deeper.