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Rewrite start_vide.sh for usb camera

Hello Blue robotics community! I want to use usb camera instead of usual or with it. I try to send videostream to qgc , it worked! As reference I used this post : About usb camera
The main problem is, that I want to configure it via qgc, when I’m sending the mission.Also I want to detect camera automatically not only after reboot, but when it connects to usb.
I saw source file, fixed it, but just for test, so I can’t find where it start as a process, not in init.d, and also the sytemd. Where your processes from directory scripts are started, I want to add my own, or rewrite during, but correct for my purposes, I didn’t found how you started processes and how you finish them, I mean only scripts folder, where start_video.sh is.


The scripts are called by “/home/pi/companion/.companion.rc”.

Thanks, but where .companion.rc started? I found where start_video.sh called.
Also I want, that my usb camera would work as camera, which provided by bluerobotics. I saw in ardusub it is possible to make a photo with points of path, would it work with usual camera?


USB cameras with H264 output are supported. If it is supported the camera will show as an option in the camera page: http://www.ardusub.com/reference/companion/camera.html

You should also see it as a device on the page