USB Camera errs


This script was designed for a specific USB camera. Different USB cameras require different settings/options. What the script looks for specifically is a camera with support for H.264 output.

  • What kind of camera are you using?
  • Can you show the entire output of the following commands?

Your USB camera does not appear to support H.264 output, so it will not be compatible with the script. It is possible to set up an MJPG video stream with your camera, but QGroundControl requires an H.264 stream.


Recommended camera? Thanks

I can’t make any recommendations for a USB camera at this time, as this script was designed for a specific model that is still in development. Other cameras with H.264 output should work, though, I haven’t tested any other cameras.

Is there a particular reason you want to use a USB camera instead of the Raspberry Pi camera?


I know ,Thanks very much,just for learning