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USB Camera errs

(xiaoshi) #1


(Jacob) #2

This script was designed for a specific USB camera. Different USB cameras require different settings/options. What the script looks for specifically is a camera with support for H.264 output.

  • What kind of camera are you using?
  • Can you show the entire output of the following commands?

(xiaoshi) #3

(Jacob) #4

Your USB camera does not appear to support H.264 output, so it will not be compatible with the start_usbvid.sh script. It is possible to set up an MJPG video stream with your camera, but QGroundControl requires an H.264 stream.


(xiaoshi) #5

Recommended camera? Thanks

(Jacob) #6

I can’t make any recommendations for a USB camera at this time, as this script was designed for a specific model that is still in development. Other cameras with H.264 output should work, though, I haven’t tested any other cameras.

Is there a particular reason you want to use a USB camera instead of the Raspberry Pi camera?


(xiaoshi) #7

I know ,Thanks very much,just for learning