Usb camera problem

i have the logitech c310 usb camera and i connect it to the raspberry pi usb port, but no video to qgc…going to the it is showing on the list that it is connected…How can i solve this problem. Any help will be appreciated

I did a quick Google on the c310, I didn’t see if it does H264 compression or not. The raspberry Pi needs an H264 video stream to work.

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Hi @ChairmanAlex,

From some searching online it seems that the Logitech C310 is quite similar to the C270, which does not have a H264-encoded output option.

It’s technically possible to set up a manual gstreamer pipeline to stream without H264, or to convert the stream to H264, but the first approach uses significant bandwidth and can’t be received by QGroundControl, and the second approach adds delay to the stream and can overheat the Raspberry Pi.

Most likely you’ll need to use a different camera.