Recommendations for Water-linked GPS system power source

Hello, I recently purchased the Waterlinked GPS system with A1 Locator and the BlueROV integration kit. We are almost all put together but I didn’t realize I needed to purchase a power source.
I am wondering what people are using as their power source…
Anyone have any recommendations and/or pictures of their set up?

From the power supply documentation it seems to take DC power from 10-30V, with 3W typical consumption and 27.6W peak consumption (at 12V).

The power source you choose presumably depends on your usage requirements. Some boats have generators / power onboard, which it may be possible to connect a DC plug adaptor to to get sufficient power for a relatively indefinite period. Alternatively you may want to use a battery, in which case you can choose an appropriate capacity for your runtime requirements.

I’m unsure whether the base consumption is an average usage estimate that includes peaks, or if it’s the continuous draw that’s expected most of the time. If it’s the former then you can multiply usage by runtime requirement to get battery capacity (e.g. 3W * 3 hours = 9Wh), or go in the opposite direction to get runtime from capacity (e.g. 150Wh / 3W = 50 hours, or less if peaks are considered additional usage). If you go with a battery, something like our Lithium Polymer battery would likely fit quite well in the kit, and provide a decent capacity :slight_smile:

No doubt some others who have experience with the system can chime in with what’s worked well (or poorly) for them :slight_smile:

Been running several WL systems for 5 years, both gen 1 and gen 2
Mean consumption has not been over 1 amp 12 volt in my mind.
Running on small boats hooked up to onboard 12 volt systems.
On bigger ships running on 230 volt to 12 v powersupplys 2 Amp capacity, always has worked.

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