Real world footage of reach alpha arm on BR2?


Does anybody have a real world underwater footage of reach alpha manipulator on a BR2 doing real work at sea ? Could not find anything on Youtube.

Maybe @PaulP or @Alex_UJI1 or @Taizo or @PoseidonROV ?

Thanks !

No, so far we have only tested the BlueROV + Reach Alpha in our water tank

No footage I’m afraid. Most customers (apart from universities and nonprofits) typically are under NDAs with their end clients. So while they might be doing something as simple as recovering a dropped wrench in a water treatment plant, they would not be allowed to share that footage. Thus, once we install the Reach Alpha on a Blue ROV2 or Lanai and ship it, that’s the last we’ll ever see of the system.

Having installed Reach Alpha 3 and 5 axis manipulators on Blue ROVs and talked the the people the ran them, I can say that a Blue ROV2 Heavy with 8 thrusters is required. Without 4 vertical thrusters for pitch stabilization, there is almost no “reaction force” for the arm to push against.

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