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**Introducing, the LANAI ROV

Poseidon Robotics is pleased to announce our new ROV, the Lanai. After much hard work and testing, we are now shipping the Lanai, suitable for complicated ROV jobs. We are proud to use Blue Robotics parts to produce a capable and affordable ROV. Please see our data sheet for more information.

Lanai Datasheet SYS0014.pdf (391.9 KB)


Here we have a closeup of the Lanai. Notice the two cut outs in the middle of the buoyancy are designed to hold a Ping360 sonar, Cerulean Sonar ROVL USBL, or DiveNet GPS (LBL). The angled mounting bracket and slide screw channel allow the height to be adjusted and the head can be lowered below the top of the buoyancy. This enable the accessory to be safely housed inside the ROV, without the need to remover the penetrator or adjust ballast.


The Lanai ROV comes standard with connectorized thrusters. In this case, a 8x Blue Robotics T200 thrusters have overmolded AK Industries 3 pin connectors installed, all sold through Blue Link (www.blue-linked.com). By adding the connector, a damaged thruster can be changed quickly and without the need to open the electronics housing. In addition, the mating bulkhead connectors on the bottle eliminate any chance of water ingress from thruster cable or potting and are, combined with the 10mm thick 7075 T6 Aluminum backplate and coated buoyancy, the reason we can rate the system to 400m water depth. Please also notice that the backplate uses a Blue Robotics M6 penetrator (blue) for the lights. This enables us to fit a full 16 ports into the backplate, providing room for 8 of the larger connectorized thrusters, power and comms from the power supply, pressure sensor and vent plug, lights, grabber, and room for USBL and Sonar (Cerulean Sonar ROVL shown installed here: https://ceruleansonar.com/products/locator-usbl-beacon-100m?variant=31461670223938 )


We needed to ditch the Newton grabber for some sonar testing. No need to remove it (and we need the ballast anyway) so it was just hidden under the buoyancy while still connected. We have purposely made a large enough cavity to accommodate the Newton, ballast, or additional buoyancy.

Speaking of Manipulators, here is the BLUEPRINTLABS Reach Alpha installed. The frame is already designed to hold it on the deck or the forward supports and there is enough room to fit a Newton Grabber on the opposite side of the frame for two-handed operations! As a work-class ROV pilot, 2 manips are not twice as capable as one; they are an order of magnitude better than one. The Reach Alpha is a pretty capable 5 function manipulator, especially when combined with their master arm. However, when you add a Newton Grabber (or another Alpha) to the mix, it enables much more complex operations. Dive tasks like manipulating the gate on a crane hook, or using the newton to grab a rope and pull it tight so that the Alpha can perform a cut, or even grabbing onto a frame while the Alpha turns handles or deploys air bags are now possible.


Here we are on the dock after a successful demo.

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Just add water! We couldn’t resist stopping here for a photo while driving back across the deserts of Southern California and Arizona. That makes 3 demos in under a week and more on the way. Be sure to look for our ad in the September issue of Marine Technology Reporter.


Fantastic setup Peter.
Well done.