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Field testing photos, Lanai ROV, Stumpy Meadows Reservoir, California

Poseidon Robotics Lanai ROVs recent field testing in the Sierra Nevada Mountains at Stumpy Meadows Reservoir, in California. The T200 thrusters (all 8 of them, with AK connectors installed) are impressively powerful on this much larger ROV with only 600W power (13V nominal power supply voltage). 28m was the deepest reached with the 125m tether we had with us. Note the Cerulean Sonar ROVL installed and how it looks like a dorsal fin from afar. Next time, we will bring our Ping360 as well. We forgot the bag of 10x 200g ballast bricks (again) and were reduced once again to fitting a large rock. Watch for the dive video tomorrow.


Thanks for sharing, @PoseidonROV! We love the boulder as ballast (again) :stuck_out_tongue:

And here’s the video:


And here is the rock replaced by proper 200g ballast.