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Cave ROVer first test dive with Sonar360 & Ping1D in low visibility

The Cave ROVer Project (in Collaboration with BlueRobotics) First test/training dive utilizing both the Ping360 & Ping1D in low visiblity. Evening sun, high sediment, run off lake, 12 foot descent on this test, with visibility ~1m at surface and ~0.5m at bottom. Both units operated well, in the 360, a submerged concrete slab and post are well visible, along with leaf debris at the bottom and high sediment including the ROV travel wash path. Very pleased with the results thus far. This dive was also viewed by a gathered crowd and observed by the Department of Natural Resources.


Very cool, @EspReSso! Were you looking for anything in particular or just cruising around?

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Thank you very much Elisa.
It was primarily just a test to see how both units would operate within very low visibility/high sediment situation. I am developing this ROV directly for cave diving, search/rescue/recovery & environmental scientific research. Plans soon for this lake dive will be looking for the spillway water inlet, the park uses for their water supply, they would like inspected.

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