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Obstacles located using BlueROV2 and Ping360

Yesterday we used our new Ping360 sonar for the first time commercially!

We are a professional diving company, located in The Netherlands.
A customer called that there was an obstacle under the door of a lock.
We inspected the threshold using the BlueROV2, but nothing was found using the camera…

But, when I turned on the Ping360 sonar, we saw two big objects on about 10 meters distance of the threshold. Navigated to them and they were visually confirmed on camera.
Today we removed the objects within 15 minutes using divers and a working boat.
BlueROV2 has proven to be a wonderful tool for us, being an extension of our underwater services!

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BlueRobotics, keep up the good work!

Kind Regards,
Stijn Heerink
Hercules Duikbedrijf B.V.


That’s awesome, @HerculesDiving! Those objects show up so nicely on Ping-Viewer :slight_smile: What was the water visibility like that day?

Water visibility was approx. 1 meter.


Hi, very nice, you use which version of QGC to have the parameters on the image. No problem with this beta version ??
Jean Benoit

@HerculesDiving - Great work! That’s a very cool object to image with the sonar. Do you have any feedback on Ping Viewer? We’re still working on improving it and adding features.


Hi, I think it’s the latest beta version which you can download here.
No stability issues at all.
Regards, Stijn.

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Ping360 is a wonderful tool for us because water visibility here in Holland often isn’t that good :wink:
In general we use it for object detection and navigation purposes.


  • recording of the sonar image parallel to the video image;
  • display of the sonar image in QGroundcontrol (picture in picture?)


By the way:
A BlueROV2 heavy configuration with 4 Lumen lights, Ping360 and Grabber is getting negative in fresh water. Are there any standard buoyancy solutions to this?
Of course all the weights have been removed.

hi, you can test with the machined foam. Better flotability


Jean Benoit