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RC Receiver attached to Tether

I am looking at several ways to control an ROV, One way is using ethernet with Ardusub and RaspPi with ethernet boosters.

The other option, I was wondering if anyone has tested using RC TX and RX attached to the tether. Tether will be attached to surface buoy.

Just wondering what kind of depth can be reached before radio signal across tether will degrade to unusable?



I remember back in the day (dating myself here) quite a few ROV systems utilized RC for control, I can remember numerous times piloting a Benthos Mini-Rover MKII and every time someone keyed a radio the ROV would spaz out. Just a word of advice, stay away from RC control. The RC was typically transmitted via coax which would also have the video feed inside the tether wire bundle.

Thanks Craig, I guess the new RC gear with either sbus or ibus uses some type of serial interface
to transmit the signal from the bus to the servos, EPS etc. The speed of the serial communications is rather fast, which would limit the length or depth of the tether.