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RC channels input (Yaw + Surge) to individual thruster values

I have been using Blue ROV at my university project and I would like to know how does it work when you Send RC channel values (Yaw + Surge) to the Pixhawk. What exactly are the individual thruster values if ,for example, I need 50% for surge and 25% for yaw?

I would like to know the same thing.

Basically, can we perform two commands that are super-positioned on each other?

Yes, in MANUAL mode, ArduSub basically sums each factor defined in the FRAME table for each thruster. Check the code here.

It actually comes into play on line 464, correct?

Is there anywhere to learn more about what you are doing here, especially about the comment: “statements decouple forward/vertical hydrodynamic coupling on vectored ROVs. This is done by limiting the maximum output of the “rear” vectored thruster (where “rear” depends on direction of travel).” on line 455?


Both linear and angular factors are calculated independently, and then added together in line 473.

I’m not sure about this section. Maybe one of the engineers can help.