BlueROV2 PWM Thruster Control

Hello all!

This is a question following up on my original forum post here. I’m in the process of creating a control model for the BlueROV2 with thrust as input and position as output for the X, Y, Z, and yaw axes. This is working off of a control package that uses /mavros/rc/override to send PWM values to ROV channels to move the vehicle.

I’ve found the correlation between T200 thruster PWM to thrust, but I’m stuck on how this is related to the PWM signal sent with /mavros/rc/override. Does it send the same signal to each of the active thrusters? Or is it broken down component-wise?

Any info about this or tips on where to look would be appreciated!


Hi @aliclara,

This comment goes into detail on how the thrust components are broken out by the vehicle frame’s motion factors from the RC Input and via any output scaling. The thread it’s in is useful for understanding more generally. Feel free to post any follow-up questions once you’ve read that :slight_smile: