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How does the PWM value given to RC_channel_override message translate to individual motor PWM?
For example, if the forward channel is assigned PWM of 1900, in theory, the front thrusters should each have a PWM of 1900 and rear thrusters should each have a PWM of 1100. Is this right in Vectored BlueROV2 configuration?

Each channel corresponds to a degree of freedom:

  1. pitch
  2. roll
  3. vertical
  4. yaw
  5. forward
  6. lateral
  7. camera pan speed
  8. camera tilt speed
  9. lights1
  10. lights2

These values go through the motors matrix where they are mixed to get the expected output.

Setting the forward channel on a BlueRov2 activates all the horizontal thrusters (1,2,3,4).

Yes, this is correct.

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Yes, I knew about Motor Matrix before, but was thinking about PWM end of the motors. Thank you for confirming this.
I am making a table about how each channel PWM value corresponds to obtained thrust using the four motors.

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