Thruster spins when armed

I have one problem on my bluerov
4 motor spins when pixhawk is armed. I have tried to tune this in RC 1,2,3,4,5,6 settings, by chaging zero point. But when i change zero setting in RC 1,2 (noting happen). My ps4 controll is calibrated. I don’t have bluerov esc, i have cheap esc bidirectional from ebay.
My questione is. RC 1,2,3,4,5,6 mean channels like rx rc receiver or? I tink i need to find the settings in qgroundcontrol for zeroing the thruster, but where?

Hi @Fjosen, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The messages that get sent in are RC Inputs, the first 6 of which correspond to vehicle motion axes. The RC Outputs correspond to the PWM values sent to the Pixhawk outputs (you can check them with the SERVO_OUTPUT_RAW message in the MAVLink inspector). You can read more about the RC Inputs/Outputs here.

Are you using the ArduSub firmware on your Pixhawk, or something else? I expect any bi-directional ESCs that take PWM input should have a 1500 us pulse-width as their zero/stopping point, so this behaviour seems odd unless you’re in a controlled flight mode (e.g. not manual mode), or you’re not using ArduSub.

I use ardusub and qgc. Manual mode.

But where can i adjust zero for eatch thruster channel?


As far as I’m aware that’s not a feature that exists in ArduSub at this stage.

It’s possible it’s a joystick drift issue though - you may have some luck enabling and calibrating deadbands for your controller :slight_smile: