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Raspberry pi3 model b+ //connect mp error


(huan) #1

(huan) #2

can anyone help me ?

(Patrick José Pereira) #3

Hi Huan,

This is ArduSub forum, ArduSub is part of the ArduPilot project but does not uses apsync or Mission Planner.
Probably you’ll find help in ArduPilot ApSync forum: https://discuss.ardupilot.org/c/apsync-companion-computers

(huan) #4

oh,i’m sorry.That’s so embarrassed ,and thank you ,man.:grin:I will ask for help from ArduPilot ApSync forum .

(Jacob) #5

@huanyre , it appears to be a baudrate mismatch between the serial port configuration on your autopilot and mavproxy. Try it with --baudrate 57600 or 115200. If this helps, be sure to follow up your question on another forum if you posted elsewhere also.

(huan) #6

Thank you,I have solved this problem.

Jacob via Blue Robotics Forums bluerobotics@discoursemail.com 于2019年3月14日周四 下午11:22写道: