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Raspberry pi3 model b+ //connect mp error

can anyone help me ?

Hi Huan,

This is ArduSub forum, ArduSub is part of the ArduPilot project but does not uses apsync or Mission Planner.
Probably you’ll find help in ArduPilot ApSync forum: https://discuss.ardupilot.org/c/apsync-companion-computers

oh,i’m sorry.That’s so embarrassed ,and thank you ,man.:grin:I will ask for help from ArduPilot ApSync forum .

@huanyre , it appears to be a baudrate mismatch between the serial port configuration on your autopilot and mavproxy. Try it with --baudrate 57600 or 115200. If this helps, be sure to follow up your question on another forum if you posted elsewhere also.

Thank you,I have solved this problem.

Jacob via Blue Robotics Forums bluerobotics@discoursemail.com 于2019年3月14日周四 下午11:22写道: