QGroundControl latest ver and the most stable ver for the ROV?

It appears that the latest version of QGC is 4.3 from the Mavlink website but when I start up my ROV I get the message “Vehicle is not running latest stable firmware! Running 4.1.0, latest is 4.1.2.”
After I acknowledge this, QGC boots up but the joystick is not enabled. And the version running says 4.2.8. I downloaded the “latest” version from the BR website, but now have no joystick!
Whats going on? Why am I getting these notifications when I am apparently running 4.2.8??

Turns out the connection on the joystick was loose, so solved that but the other issue remains.

Hi @bajaMike,

Glad you managed to resolve your joystick issue :slight_smile:

Our latest recommended QGroundControl version is based on what we’ve tested with and validated, but internally QGroundControl just checks for the latest stable release (which as you mentioned is currently 4.3). As we are not the primary maintainers of QGC there’s no requirement for us to have validated new versions for our use-cases before they get released.

This message is about your ArduSub (autopilot firmware) version - not your QGroundControl (control station software) version.

You should be able to update to the latest stable firmware (currently 4.1.2) via the BlueOS Autopilot firmware page :slight_smile: