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QGroundControl and Raspberry Pi through SSH

(Ezzeddine Ayeb) #21

Im working on ROV project using pi3+pixhawk
The Pi is already setup and flashed with the latest Ardusub-Raspbian image (12/01/2017)
All is fine and well when the Pixhawk is directly connected to the host computer (laptop) through USB compas and gps calibrations made without major troubles
But when i connect to pi from to laptop (using ethernet to usb adaptor ), there is no reaction only a red flashing light on pi and the pixhawk still off when connected via usb to raspberry pi.
Raspberry is powered by 5v 3000ma source.
Even with putty i can’t connect to raspberry.
All the settings were made as in ardusub manual.
Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance (sorry for that poor english)

(Willian Galvani) #22

If there is no ssh, it looks like the Raspberry Pi is not booting properly.
Try another usb cable/power source. Some power sources provide slightly under 5 V, and some of it can be lost in the cable’s resistance. ModMyPi, for example, ships theirs with 5.1 V and 2.5 A power sources.

(Jacob) #23

This is more than one year old. The latest image is in the instructions. Please follow there, and verify your network settings.

(Jacob) #24

Are you using Pi3B+? The image only works with the older Pi3B.

(Ezzeddine Ayeb) #25

yes, im using rpi b+ model
Is there any solutions? or should i purshace the older pi version.

(Patrick José Pereira) #26

Hi Ezzeddine,

You can check the status of the raspberry pi b+ development here:

Right now we don’t have plans to create a working image with it, but you should be able to install companion via our repository here, problem can be found though.

We recommend to use the older version.

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