QC loosing communication with BR2

My BR2 is loosing the connection with QC after a minute or only a few seconds. It goes back online after a few seconds. It’s on and off all the time. Any suggestions?

I am far from being a pro but I know you can check the network status health in the companion computer by using this:
At the bottom there is a upload and download test.
here: Github info
You aim for 50
Do you have a wifi setup between the PC and the ROV or hardwire? This migth also impaired the communication.

Hi @Roksund,

On top of the network test that @Charles suggested, do you have any warnings on the web interface System page about throttling (companion computer too hot) or under-voltage (insufficient power)?

If you have an under-voltage warning, are you using our 5V6A BEC (provided with our ROVs since October 2018), or do you have an older ROV with a 5V3A BEC instead?

More generally, can you confirm which companion software version you’re using? It should be specified on the System page, in the header bar and also in the “Companion Software Status” section. If you’re not on the latest one (0.0.28) there should be an update button in companion section :slight_smile: