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Problem with vehicle connection

Hi Support

I have for the last months had a problem with vehicle connection with my BR2.

When the BR2 is below 20 degrees C in temperature it is always giving me the message “waiting for vehicle connection” when I start QGC. If I preheat the BR2 say to 30 degrees C it will always start without any problem. When the temperature is below app. 20 degrees C I have to connect the battery and wait for the temperature to rise inside the BR2". And then disconnect and reconnect battery. And the time I have to wait is longer when ambient temperature is much lower than app. 20 degrees C. When I ping it at it is not responding.
I think that this is a hardware problem in the unit that connects to the topside computer.

Please advise how to solve this.
When it once has started I can run it without any problems.

Best Regards

Bo Vikarby

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I have now found the cause for this. When I changed to a new SD card in the Companion computer the problem is solved. // Bo