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Pre-wired electronics enclosure on a lander


I am thinking on mounting the BlueROV2 pre-wired electronics enclosure on a free-fall lander in order to try to profile stimulable bioluminescence.

It is something feasible?
Would the enclosure be able to record autonomously (=without connection to the surface) with only a lithium battery? Considering I don’t need a live image feedback or control on the recording.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @anaid.gouveneaux ,

I believe you can get much simpler alternatives , check this dropcam developed by one intern at Blue Robotics and this one shared in our forums.

Thank you, these projects are inspiring and I will definitely look into them further.

However, I will already be using the blueROV2 and am particularly interested in the performances of the HD low-light video camera and other sensors. So I would prefer to deploy it in different configurations: both on horizontal transects using the blueROV2 and on vertical profiles using a lander with the same camera/sensors directed downward.

In addition, the use of a lander is a choice because I would like a mesh screen attached in front of the camera lens to stimulate bioluminescence as the lander goes down.

Does the plan I suggest actually require that many adaptations ?

That will likely need some work to work as you intend.

The video is usually recorded in the topside by QGC, so you will need to change the gstreamer pipeline to record to a file (which isn’t really hard).
Without communication to the topside you won’t be able to easily generate the overlay files with sensor data, though, as data is generated by QGC while it records the video.