Pre- and post mission ROV checklists

Individuals who have operated AUVs, ROVs, UAVs, or ASVs understand the importance of checklists. These lists serve not only to ensure that the equipment and vehicles are in proper order but also prove invaluable during investigative processes, particularly when troubleshooting issues or analyzing incidents.

Currently there are the pre-dive and other checks listed on the BlueROV2 Operation website but I’d suggest another approach to make it more useful and accessible, especially for new ROV users.

I would suggest a new subsection on the website, which allows the creation of custom pre- and post mission checklists that could be downloaded as a PDF or other formats useful for field work.

There could be a basic pre- and post mission checklist for the most default BlueROV2 model but the dynamic (i.e. database driven) website would allow the user to select all the items that are installed on his ROV (i.e. gripper, heavy lift kit, additional sensors, sonar, etc.) and the site would then create a custom checklist for the user to use.

Add some other customization items such as:

  • Field for date of ROV operation
  • Field for location of ROV deployment
  • Field for number of dives
  • Field for signature of person going through the checklist
  • Field for comments
  • Picture of ROV to mark damages
  • Custom company logo
  • Page number (for multi page checklists)

There could be additional functionality that allows the user to add new sections for their own pre- and post mission checklists to add checklist items for custom sensors and other equipment.

The database driven approach would allow the Blue Robotics staff to add checklist items for new equipment to the database, and these additional details would then be added to the checklists.