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Ping360 data set

Hi, i am currently exporling the option of using a Ping 360 for a project. I’m therefore wondering if it would be possible to get on a Ping 360 data set? E.G a set of ping protocol messages or a ROS bag file.

It would be great to get a data set of the ROV going through a crowded environment.

Ole Haaland

Hi @omhaalan,

There is a ROS package maintained by the community here: ping360_sonar - ROS Wiki
You can also check the Ping360 emulator that the same project has here: ping360_sonar/Emulator.py at master · CentraleNantesRobotics/ping360_sonar · GitHub

For example of messages, you can check all messages available here: Ping Protocol
If you are looking for log files, you can check the log output from ping-viewer: Ping Viewer
You can also get some log files from our forum or from some of our users around.

Hi, thanks for the swift reply! However, i am a bit confused. Will i get real data log files from the Ping viewer?
I’ve made my self familiar with the ROS package and the ping protocol. The next step for me is to make use of real data. Is that available on the site?
Ole Haaland

I believe @patrickelectric was linking you to Ping Viewer because if you have a ping360 then you can operate it using Ping Viewer and it automatically logs the data, which you can then access and analyse afterwards.

With Ping Viewer you can collect your own data. Other than that, there’s some sample data provided at the bottom of the learn tab of the Ping360 product page, and if you need other data Patrick has suggested

Ping-Viewer encapsulates ping-protocol messages, that’s what you are doing to receive from the sensor, but the encapsulation is done with some extra information like the host machine, date and timestamps, you can read more about it here.

You can grab this example log of a ping-360 dive here, remember that the file follows PingViewer log struct

Hi, thanks for the files. I’ve been trying to unpack the using decode_sensor_binary_log.py
However, i the script crash at line 143 and gives: KeyError: 2301
Should this script be functioning? Note that i want to extract the ping-protocol messages. I don’t need the Ping Viewer GUI.

Hi @omhaalan,

I just updated the link with a new log file, you got one with a experimental new message that we are developing, sorry for that !