Ping360 auto_transmit update

Hi all,

New to the forum and BlueRobotics. We have purchased two Ping360s and are interfacing to them with ping-python. I noticed the auto_transmit option for data return from the devices is as yet unreleased and appears to have been intended but unimplemented for some time.

I was wondering if there is an update on this feature and if it has been deprioritised for now or if we can expect it to be released any time in the future?


Hi @lewisjluck, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

This has indeed been in the works for quite a while. Good news is that active work on it recently resumed :slight_smile:

In terms of what’s left to do:

  • There’s an open Pull Request to Ping Viewer that will allow it to update a Ping360’s firmware
    • Without this firmware updates are only supported for the Ping(/2) Sonar devices
  • A Ping360 firmware with auto_* support is in the repository but is currently under evaluation
    • if that evaluation goes well we’ll start recommending it (hopefully some time next month, if all goes to plan), but
    • we have had a couple of previous candidates we’ve needed to pull due to firmware bugs, so we need to do some more testing internally before we’ll be comfortable suggesting others try it

Hi Eliot,
Thanks a lot for your response.
The team and I will start working on our solution using the manual mode and will await updates on the auto mode!

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