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Ping Sonar Test Setup

We bought 2 ping sonars. We want to test them. We want to use one as a receiver and the other as a transmitter. How can we do that?

With the factory software it’s not possible, you’ll need to write your own firmware to accomplish such thing.

One of our devices should be a 45khz transmitter, the other a 45khz receiver. How can we do an application like this? Are there any supporting documents for this? We would be glad if you could help in this matter.

The ping sonar is controlled via the bluerobotics ping-protocol, which doesn’t have convenient options for accessing the transmitter separately to the receiver (it’s made and set up as an active distance measurement device).The internal circuitry, components, and firmware aren’t open-source, so making custom firmware would likely be quite difficult unless you can manage to get a bluerobotics engineer to help you extensively, but it’s not their job to provide support to reverse-engineer and modify their products.

Given you mention you’re wanting to test the sonars, perhaps it would be sufficient to place them at a known distance from a wall and test them individually? They’re really not made to be used in interacting pairs/groups, and if that’s functionality you require then you’ll quite possibly need to find or make a different product. It’s also possible to make a feature request on the github issues page, but there’s no guarantee that your desired feature will be accepted, or how long it will take to be developed and made available.

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