Ping Logs for surface vehicles

Hi there, our boat will be running autonomous scanning missions. Currently i see that the ping 2 sending logs to my documents folder on connected base station PC. This will be pointless on long range missions without ethernet or wireless connection. Can blueOS run ping viewer onboard? and or record log file on the navigator raspberry pi or connected storage? this would be extremely useful. Thanks

Hi @andrewjamez
We do indeed have a solution to the comms / data issue- have you seen this guide? Let us know if you have issues!

Hi @andrewjamez,

This is something we’re starting work on, but it’s in early stages and unlikely to be finished particularly soon.

If you’re just wanting to record and visualise the distance estimates then the guide @tony-white linked to should be a great fit, but if you’re wanting to record the full profiles and replay them in Ping Viewer later then it’s worth noting that Ping Viewer’s log format is open source, and there’s Python code available for storing ping-protocol messages in that format :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, i have the extensions for Ping and sonarview installed and collecting data on the bench.
Now to install into the boat and test it all. I see that the Blueboat is using a wifi for the main link?
What range do you get out of it? and what hardware is it based on may I ask?

Hi Andrew -
We recently reduced our range specification for WiFi to better reflect operation under most conditions. I would expect that you can achieve 100-200m range, potentially farther with increased BaseStation / Antenna height and the omni directional antennas. Using a directional antenna with the BaseStation can increase this to a kilometer or more under ideal conditions!

If you need to maintain contact with the vehicle over long ranges, adding a cellular modem is the best solution!

Hi Tony, do you have any recommendations on brand or models of directional antennas for the base station? If I could get 500m range out of them, range would never be an issue for my needs. Thanks.

Hi @Mark_C -
We’ve been testing these units, any one of which should allow you reach 500m range with line of sight and sufficient base-station altitude. You’ll also need a female-female Type-N coupler to connect these to the BaseStation.

Thank you sir!