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Ping 1D supply voltage

For the Ping a maximum supply voltage of 5.5 volts is listed. Does that mean it will also run fine on 3.3 V supply (500mA)?

Just below that maximum supply voltage is a “minimum supply voltage” row, where it specifies the minimum is 4.5V, so no, it’s not expected to run at 3.3V. It can accept logic (input commands signal) between 3.3 and 5V, but the power supply for the ping itself should be ~5V - the 0.5V of buffer provided on either side helps to deal with things like power spikes from sudden changes in the power draw of other components (e.g. all motors turn on/off at once).

Good to know - that information must have been added after I asked the question. That’s very useful though - thank you!

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