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Ping 1D Interface to BeagleBone Black

I’m working on a custom AUV to meet specific requirements and have chosen the Ping Sonar.

The voltage in tech specs states 5.5V max, but do we power with 3.3V if wanting to use 3.3V UART digital IO? If we power with 5V still, how do we set the digital IO to 3.3V? I didn’t see a register to adjust this in the product manual.

Note: I did not purchase an adapter to run ping viewer and am instead using the python libraries to interface to the BBB.

Thanks! Looking forward to getting this working.

Hi Alex,

Ping uses 3.3V serial output, but it’s 5V tolerant. You don’t need to power it with 3.3V.

Ok thanks! I was thrown off by the technical specs on the product page stating TTL Logic Voltage of 3.3 - 5 volts.

I got it working now and plan to start testing in water soon.

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