Picture freeze while running Screen recorder

My QGC freeze sometimes during diving when i am running Screen recorder, what is my limiter? just bought new laptop with this spec:

Hi @SHS,

If you want to save your dive, QGC have a red circle in the bottom right corner to record the video stream, while recording it’ll flash a red square.

Now, if you want to record the screen while using the software, take a look in the tab Performance of Windows Task Manager, maybe your screen recorder software is taking too much. Can you say the name of the software ?

Thanks, i am familiar with the record button, but i like to record the wideo with the depth and time info even if the video quality is not as good. i have tried with Cyberlink screen recorder and Movavi screen recorder and the results are the same.

How did you manage to get the pich/roll next to the compass? nice!

I’ll try to reproduce your problem with both softwares.

About the interface, probably will be available in the next release