Penetrator question

Why are the nuts on the new penetrators split?

I guess it is to slide over the cable. I would think the slot would expand and prevent reaching design torque,

Hi @model14,

As you’ve guessed, and as is discussed in the introduction video on the WetLink Penetrator page, C-nuts are used to allow sliding the nut over the cable from the side.

The penetrator bulkhead/nut assembly actually has quite a low installation torque, because the water pressure naturally keeps the penetrator bulkhead pressed against the face of the enclosure.

In the technical details you’ll find that the recommended plug installation torque is much greater than the bulkhead torque, to ensure the integrity of the radial seal between the cable and the rubber seal. Accordingly, the lever arms on our bulkhead wrenches are quite a bit shorter than those on our plug wrenches.

The nuts are designed with sufficient stiffness and strength to withstand the torque that they need to :slight_smile:

Thank you for answering my questions.

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