Pending patent for net fixing for sale

Unsinkable Robotics is an underwater automation company that invented a novel net patching solution that enables quick, easy and cost-effective fish farm net fixing with ROVs. Due to change in its business plan Unsinkable is offering its pending patent and industrial designs (referred as IP) for sale.

The patent tree consists of pending patents with following numbers: CA3174736A1, EP4151088A1, EP4151089A1, US2023085801A1.

In addition to the pending patents, the following 5 industrial designs will be also included as a bundle: 008689327-0001, 008689327-0002, 008689327-0003, 008689327-0004, 008689327-0005 .

In case this offer interests you DM me before (and including) 31.08.23