Password Required for Downloading BlueOs with balenaEtcher

Hi! So I’ve been going through the sub with questions on downloading the software and I’ve found passwords such as raspberry and companion. I’ve tried typing it in when I was trying to flash my blueos.img in balenaEtcher, but they weren’t the correct password. The BlueOs installation website didn’t mention a password either. Does anyone know what the password might be?

Hi @imalasagnahog,

Flashing an SD card or drive can potentially be dangerous to your computer, for example if you accidentally overwrite the storage that your operating system is on. Accordingly Balena Etcher may require you to provide admin credentials as a security measure before it allows you to perform a flashing operation (e.g. the password you normally log in with, assuming you have admin access on the computer you’re using).

This is unrelated to the content you’re wanting to flash, so is not BlueOS-specific - it’s just the login credentials for your computer.