Pan and Tilt Assembly

Hi guys

Had a look through the forum and nothing jumped out so thought id ask.

Is anyone using a Pan AND Tilt (not just tilt) assembly inside their 4" dome? If so, does anyone have any simple designs, possibly willing to share any 3D files?
Or work arounds / modifications that perhaps someone has done to get a pan as well as tilt function?

Just throwing it out there to see what others are doing. Otherwise ill push on and see what I can come up with myself.
Cheers all

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I made what may be the most simple design for my pan and tilt setup.
Using micro servos, I used double sided tape to stick the pan servo to the front plate that has a cutout for the camera. The servo horn faces straight down. I made an L shape with my laser cutter, but it would be easy to use any L shaped plastic. Cut a servo horn sized hole (tight) in each leg of the L. The tilt servo goes inside the L, with the Picamera double sided taped to the front of it. Sorry I don’t have a straight on picture.



nice one mate, yep i think you about get the aware for simplest design there.
Thanks for sharing

nix pic - why the heat sink fans? does it work in the enclosure? are you using a plexi or the Aluminium ones? they should keep the inside cooler than the plxi ones - or?