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Hi everybody,
I have a question, it may look strange but…
does any of you tried to paint buoyancy foam and what about the results?
I need to add more foam on my ROV but I really don’t like the original color and I have tried to paint it black but the foam is quite rough and the work is dreadful…
Any tips?

What paint did you use?

The people who make our buoyancy use car paint. When we paint our own blocks we use Jotun Maine epoxy 2 part paint.


Hi Etienne , thank you for your answer.
I tried to paint using a marine paint and then I covered with epoxy.
The problem is that the foam is not smooth and it is not nice to see.
Now I try to find on internet the one you suggest and try again…
Is it salt water resistant? Sorry for this question, I am trying to attach a metal detector at the bottom of the rov, so I need more foams…

Use Epoxy first, to fill the small holes, then samdpapee the finish:) Then paint, preferly with epoxy:)… Then you increase the depthrate too:)

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Thanks Christian!! I ll try once more.

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