Buoyancy foam molding

I’m researching buoyancy foam for an underwater camera mount. Is there a buoyancy foam similar to 3300 that could be poured or injected into pvc pipe? Could 3300 perhaps be shredded into a powder and mixed with another item to give it liquid form until hardening? Is there a liquid form version of 3300 which be molded?

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A more general question would be if there exists a closed cell foam that can be molded, sprayed or injected that has similar properties to the 3300. Properties include buoyancy, mold resistant, impact resistant, and being resistant to both salt and fresh water.

Hi @darkmoon3d ,

We investigated this at length ourselves some time ago, and were not able to find anything that had nearly the same ability to resist pressure and not become waterlogged. Unfortunately, we concluded there is not really any sprayable or castable foam out there that has properties good enough to use at non-trivial depths. We’d love to be proven wrong!



Something like this is what had in mind - Urethane Foam , Expanding Marine Polyurethane Foam
Is anyone familiar with this brand?

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