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Coating for bouyancy foam

(Xiyang Yeh) #1


We are thinking of getting some of the uncoated foam sheets from the store page. We would like to bond the sheets, machine them and eventually coat it. May I know what is the coating solution fore the coated foams that are sold in the store page? It would be nice to go with the same solution since it’s tested.


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(Harold Scadden) #2

What material is your foam made from?

(Xiyang Yeh) #3

We are still deciding between DIABs HCP 30 (which I think made mainly from polyurethane) vs. the polyurethane foam from blue robotics website https://www.bluerobotics.com/store/parts/float-r1/.

I am thinking of getting polyurethane coating on the foams but I am not sure that is the right choice.

(Harold Scadden) #4

Haven’t really looked at foams before … that HCP-30 looks really good. The specification sheet is nice.

Have you found a distributor for the HCP series material? I have been doing Google searches for it and trying to see what it cost etc. without much luck. I guess one would have to just request a quote from the nearest sales office. They are at least Worldwide from their site.

I didn’t see anything about having to coat the HCP-30. If you are cutting and shaping, I would recommend asking them for the best bonding material.

Here is a link that I found for an extensive tech sheet for the series. http://www.resipol.com/image/news/brochure%20HCP%20eng.pdf


(Xiyang Yeh) #5

DIAB sells foams in bulk with a minimum order of $500 as far as I remember. So unless you are looking at a human-sized ROV, it may not be a suitable option.

The link is pretty useful. Thanks. I contacted DIAB and they did inform me of the recommended bonding agent. I guess I should also ask them about the recommended coating agent.


(Harold Scadden) #6

Ah yes … the dreaded min buy :slight_smile: Stupid question would be … how much do you get for that amount?

(Rusty) #7

The R-3300 foam is compatible with a lot of coatings. Unfortunately we haven’t had a chance to test too many coatings yet. According to the manufacturer’s website, “Easy to finish with nearly any resin or coating system; minimal paint absorption”. We also asked them about it in an email and they said their customers have successfully used the following types of coatings:

Following are coatings that have been successfully used by our customers in similar applications.

· Polyurea such as SPI K-5

· Epoxy

· Silicone-epoxy hybrid

· Antimicrobial

Please keep in mind that depending on thickness, coating could add weight and volume to the finished part.