over-humidified desiccant

I am a BlueROV2 user in Japan. I recently had an error in the vacuum test and was looking for the cause. As a result, I thought it might be caused by over-humidified desiccant, have you guys experienced the same thing? When the vacuum degree error occurred, it was as follows.

  1. condensation was observed on the top of the enclosure (where electrical components are stored). No condensation was observed below the enclosure (battery compartment).
    2.Two desiccants were inserted above the enclosure, but not below the enclosure. The desiccant was in an excessively wet (pink) condition.
  2. When the unit was placed in the pool in this condition, a leak alarm was triggered. When the unit was pulled up, there was no evidence of water intrusion from the outside on the enclosure.
  3. When a vacuum test was performed, the vacuum began to gradually decrease.
    Discussion: Moisture from the desiccant was released as water vapor on the enclosure and condensed on the enclosure walls due to the difference between the internal heat and the outside temperature. Water vapor was also released during the vacuum test, which is thought to have caused the internal pressure to gradually increase (and the vacuum to decrease).
    After the pool test, the desiccant was removed and the vacuum test was conducted outdoors again, and the vacuum level remained at the normal value.

Sounds plausible.

BTW, know that crystal cat litter, (not the crushed clay type), is the same stuff they put in the dessicant bags, you can buy a large bag of it at a local pet store and put it in a kid’s sock.

Or you can also dry the dessicant bags in the sun on a dry day, or in the oven on really low heat.