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Operating BlueROV2 by the Compass in QgroundControl

Hello everyone,

I don’t know how to give the right direction to BlueROV2 by the compass in QgroundControl when i dive under water or go so far from my initial location. I mean that, i am not able to control the ROV from my computer when i dont see it. I have to follow the ROV by my eyes even it is really far from my perspective.

Could someone inform me about controlling/operating BlueROV2 by the compass, please?

Best Regartds.


Hello Kadir.
First you need to know your own direction / orientation. North, south, etc. If a quay is oriented north / south. Will away / closer be east / west. Distance is counted in sec. of motion in one direction. Hope that makes sense :wink:


Hi Per,

First thank you for replying my question.

Do you mean that i have to specify my own position as Notrh/South/East or West. And then if my direction(quay direction) is oriented North/West, ROV’s moving driection(forward/bakward) will be as East/West.In addition, If my direction(quay direction) is East/West, it will be the other way around.

Have i understood you correctly:) ?

Yes. As if you were navigating on a map.
If you are navigating in shallow waters. You can mount a small float on the tehter. If operating in 10 meter of water. Mount it on 12-14 meter. An it will always be on the surface right over the ROV.

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Hi all, I just had today a similar experience, and the idea of a float came to my mind too!

But in that case, shouldn’t the float better be directly tied to the robot so it is just on top of it? Any idea if there is some commercial solution for this? I’m just doing some research on it myself! :wink:

I use Grippy buoy !! Compact and lightweight signalling buoy with self-winding UHWMPE line 15m.
And you can also attach it to a hook in the gripper to recover an object. I drop the hook, I get the buoy with the object later from the dock or a boat.