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openCV combine develop

(BongSub,Song) #1

Hello i am just interested in openCV robot developing.

So i want blueROV2 to follow some detected target.

but i am new at mavlink or ardupilot.

is there anyone to give me the way?


(Jacob) #2

I suggest starting with MAVProxy, and taking a look at the MANUAL_CONTROL message which is used to convey the joystick inputs normally, you can send your own MANUAL_CONTROL messages using MAVProxy.

There is also a built-in mavproxy module called ‘rc’ which sends the RC_CHANNELS_OVERRIDE message that will let you move the vehicle, but does not allow you to use the buttons which is how everything else (camera tilt, lights) is controlled.

You can use MAVProxy on your surface computer and/or use mavproxy running on the Pi. MAVProxy is run at boot on the Pi, so to get to the MAVProxy console enter screen -r mavproxy in terminal on the Pi.

(BongSub,Song) #3

thank you jacob.

i really want to show our project when does it finish.

it’ll be awesome.